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Eternal Question- when to start next packet of oral contraceptive pill

Eternal Question- when to start next packet of oral contraceptive pill The first packet of OCP- pills is started right on first day of the menses. One tablet every day after food , preferably on same time. When packet is finished, give a gap of 7 days. The day gap is over , next packet is started. Irrespective of the day of menstrual cycle The rest of all next packets are started with gap of 7 days. To know more , log on to our website By Dr Himani Gupta Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Director-My Gynaec World Official Head Quarter Mother ‘n’ Care Clinic Row House F 44/32 First Floor Near Shivaji Chowk Sector 12-Kharghar, Navi Mumbai Ph   +91-7506027299       +91- 9820193283 List of our attachment hospitals- - Om Navjeevan Hospital ,Plot No.2, Sector-21. Kharghar, Navi Mumbai - Sanjeevan Hospital ,Plot No. F/14, Opp. State Bank of Hyderabad,Sector-12, Kharghar,Navi Mumbai - Kharghar Medicity Hospital ,Au

Tuberculosis (TB ) In Pregnancy & How To Stay Safe

PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) -Role Play-Symptoms,Precautions & Ma...

Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Tribute to Muhammad Ali My Gynaec World pays tribute to the soul of boxer Muhammad Ali who was probably the greatest sportsman of his times. He was a humanitarian and  believed in peace. Known for his knock-out fights he lost his battle to Parkinsonism, a disease that left his body disabled. May his soul rest in peace.

Teenage pregnancy- growing social concern

Teenage pregnancy- growing social concern Recently, Times of India published an article where it showed the concern Governmental bodies are having about the rising rate of teenage pregnancies. Many of these pregnancies will come under the law as they will be classified as rape, as the pregnant female is below the age of consent. Reporting these pregnancies to proper authorities like police and social services ethically should be done by all clinicians who come into contact with such cases. Most of these women will opt for termination of such pregnancies because of social and financial reasons. It is advisable that such terminations /abortions should only be done by qualified Gynaecologist in a Govt. recognised abortion (MTP) centre. This will reduce the risk of complications and will make the procedure safe. Privacy of the woman undergoing abortion is maintained as per the governing laws. Some  women  choose to continue with the pregnancy for various reasons. We also see ca