Monday, 18 January 2016

Addressing taboos associated with male infertility

Addressing taboos associated with male infertility

My Gynaec World and its team of doctors comes across cases of infertility very often.
Couples will come to us with big files having been to post to pillar in their quest to achieve pregnancy and fulfill their dream of becoming parents and completing their family.
On seeing those files many a times it will be noted that the wife has been investigated thoroughly.
This may not be the case with the husband.
Here the point to be noted is that it takes equal contribution of male sperm and female ova to start formation of new life
Investigating the male partner is equally important.
Here our social and cultural value system also may prevent some of the couples to come forward for male investigations
In these situations , it is the clinician's responsibility to listen to couple's concerns and offer appropriate counselling and advise.

My Gynaec World and its team of Gynaecologists in Kharghar take special care to be fully with the patient, understand them and offer a solution in terms of treatment option that will suit them

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