Monday, 29 February 2016

Husband's semen analysis-Social & technical challenges of doing the test

Husband's semen analysis-Social & technical challenges of doing the test

When a couple seeking treatment for infertility goes to a doctor, usually the investigation will start with the wife.
Detailed history, examination and investigation of husband is a part which usually comes late.
There are many social reasons for it.
Many a times the woman seeking treatment is accompanied by other female members of the family and not the husband.
The husband may be away on the job for months together.
There is social stigma attached to male being investigated.

What is important to note is that well being of both husband and wife are important for a normal pregnancy to happen.

As this photo will show that male gamete-sperm and female gamete-ova, both need to be healthy for a good outcome.

There are technical challenges too in doing semen analysis.
-Lack of privacy where sample is collected
-Delay in transportation of sample to laboratory if sample is collected outside
-Delay in examination of sample if pathologist is not available at diagnostic center at the time of collection

We, at My Gynaec World have good diagnostic centers in Kharghar with free availability of pathologists.
The test is done reliably .

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